Meet the Jersey Shore's Best Pirate Crew

Rob and Jessica Corring "Captain Scurvy and Jezebel"

Rob and Jessica Corring "Captain Scurvy and Jezebel" Captain Scurvy and Jezebel have been involved in all aspects of Pirate Adventures since 2003.We are both New Jersey natives who spent years working for great friends aboard The Sea Gypsy IV and Sea Gypsy VI in Annapolis and the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We quickly fell in love with all areas of the business. Our prior work quickly turned into a passion and in 2009 The Sea Gypsy II was brought to The Jersey Shore to entertain local families and visitors to the area. Jersey Shore Pirates is a family owned and operated business. We have as much fun aboard the Sea Gypsy II as our mini-mates and we like to think it shows in every single trip. Drop by to say Ahoy! We would love to have you on the crew. When you love what you do you will never work a day in your life!

Mutiny "Mutiny"


Mutiny is the youngest of our Pirate Crew but make no mistake about it he has logged many a 12 hour day in the offices and aboard the Sea Gypsy II. He will be joining us for his fifth season and this guy was actually born a Pirate. We look forward to the day he is running the Sea Gypsy II but until then he can be found out the docks helping his fellow crew getting the pirates that sail with us ready for their Adventures. You won't find anybody more excited to hunt for treasure than this guy.

Macy "Striper"

Macy "Striper" Striper will be joining us for her Fifth season of sailing the high seas. The definition of the phrase "Good things come in small packages", Stripers booming voice is only matched by her booming personality. She has been an absolutely fantastic addition to the Jersey Shore Pirate's crew. One of the best crew members we have been lucky enough to have on our team she can entertain any bunch of scallywags that sails with us. She is currently attending Rutgers University and is studying to becoming a Pirate Captain in the near future. We just hope she remembers to keep her eyes on the high seas and not the radio. She made her television debut this past summer The Cake Boss.

Maddie "Pearl"

Maddie "Pearl" Returning for her fourth Season in 2017, Pearl is a delight on and off of The Sea Gypsy II. Last season seemed to be her breakout year and she has quickly become a favorite with all of the guests onboard and a leader amongst the crew. Her Shirt says it all, "Work Like a Captain and Play like a Pirate" words she truly lives by. Her hard work Is unmatched as Pearl is always doing something to brighten someone's day. Off the Sea Gypsy she is the Captain of her Volleyball team, Prom Queen, and honor student. She will be finishing her Freshman year this spring as a National Champion at Clemson to show the world how S-M-R-T she really is. There are also Rumors she is Captain Scurvy's favorite.

John "Skully"

John "Skully" Skully joined the crew at the opening of Jersey Shore Pirates in 2009 and has grown both on and off the Sea Gypsy II. Skully started out a little shy but has quickly come out of his shell to become a great asset to our crew. He is a big kid on and off the ship. He puts a smile on our faces every day that he works and he loves being a Pirate. He currently works at Johnson and Johnson but swears he will be rejoining the crew from time to time in the 2017 season. He is a great Pirate Captain and loves the kids almost as much as he loves himself.....which us a lot trust us.

Candice "Atlas"

Candice "Atlas" Atlas (AKA Loot's Sister) will be back onboard Sea Gypsy II in 2016 for her 6th season. Atlas has become one of the leaders among the crew and favorite with the Captains because of her quick wit and energy. She is currently attending The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, the school that produces some of the top Pirates in the industry. She rows for their crew team but we prefer when she is on our crew. We can't wait to see her back home on the Sea Gypsy II. Right after she takes yet another Selfie #awesomepirate.

Robin "Crush"

Robin "Crush" Crush has been with us since our opening season and we almost didn't get him back in 2010. However, he did decide to return and now we don't know what we would do without him. He has become a great crew member and he can fill in at any position. Crush earned his Captains license in 2015 and has thrived in all areas of the business and we are very excited to have him coming back for the 2017 season! Season 9 here we come.

Riley "Mako"

Riley "Mako" What can we say about Mako? He joined us as our youngest employee 6 seasons ago and we are excited to have him back for his 7th season. He has become a leader with the crew and has earned his Captain License. He has excelled in every aspect of our business bust most importantly in making sure every child on his Pirate Adventures have a blast. Although we have never actually seen him wearing any type of footwear we are sure he must when he attends college in Tampa Bay Florida. If you catch Mako as Captain or Crew, know that you are in for a great time.

Katie "Bubbles"

Katie "Bubbles" Bubbles joined us 3 years ago and will be returning for season number 4. We didn't know if someone from Idaho would make a great Pirate but she turned out to be awesome. Master face painter and always putting smiles on our faces, we can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the 2017 season. She is currently a teacher and we hope to have her around for years to come. We are happy to have her as part of our Pirate Adventures family. You-dahome (inside joke).

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